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Urban Education is an organisation we run with the benefit of community interests at heart. Our directive is to provide alternative education through the medium of music, sports, arts and games. We have chosen these avenues because it is our belief that we learn best when the lesson is based on having fun. The projects we run offer diversionary activities which help to reduce anti-social behaviour. We offer direction and support, increasing confidence and well-being, whilst strengthening a sense of community and responsibility amongst our young people. We actively meet our objective of providing educational projects to those who’s opportunities are truncated by circumstance. Our activities are geared toward the interests of youth, and are designed to incentivise young people to learn valuable skills whilst building meaningful relationships. To have long lasting impacts on those who participate is our goal. We often work in partnership with other community interest groups and draw on the relevant expertise of respected professionals from a vast range of disciplines, always to ensure our sessions maintain the highest standard in quality, whilst providing good value of money to those who fund our operations.

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DJ Sessions

As professionals we are able to provide a tailor made DJ course for young people between the ages of 11 and 19. Taster sessions are available for those younger than 11. State of the art DJ controllers are used to give students a feel of what it is like to DJ on the some of the best equipment available. Young people will learn the basics of DJing such as equipment familiarisation, track selection and counting beats, through to more advanced skills including beat matching and scratching.