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In2 The Top Ten?

So we are three days away from the official release and it’s all very exciting. How well will the release fair? Going by my recent experience of club work it’s going to do well, top ten for sure. It’s already in at #85 on pre-order sales alone and everyone I come across lately seems to be feeling the tune. It was a slow start, but i had a feeling this song would do well. Yet I was still somewhat surprised when the song requests began to trickle through. It went from once a weekend, to once a night, to two, three times a set. It was one of those requests I loved to get, it’s like a license to play that unknown song you’ve been itching to play at primetime, you know…test the waters.

Time have changed in the last two months from when i first downloaded the track. I’m now hearing it in cars as they drive by, on peoples phones in parks, on the radio, on T.V., it’s everywhere, and why not? It’s a great tune. Isn’t it about time the U.K. once again made a bonafide and long lasting impression on the R&B stage? Of course we’ve had greats…Craig David, Marsha Ambrosius, and even more recently Labrinth. But when’s the last time we had a group make headlines? Spice Girls? Haha, nice one! Seriously though, WSTRN have the potential to become the most successful yet still street credible R&B band that the U.K. has produced since Damage.

Akelle, Haile, and Louise Rei are certainly a very talented trio emergent from the streets of West London reminiscent somewhat of the Fugees (minus the hot and extremely talented female vocalist of course). At this point in time there is no other sound like it, and i want it to stay. I want to hear it bursting through a KV2 sound system, while a packed club goes mad with euphoria on a regular. People who follow us will know that XXL ‘Rug’s House’ is the place for that shizzle, but that’s another matter. For now let’s enjoy the creativity, let’s get behind them and see where they can go, who know the MOBO awards aren’t that far away? Let’s hope they continue to release infectious singles and let’s look forward to the album that follows. Make no mistake about it, right now i’m team #WSTRN. Oh by the way the remix isn't that bad either.

#WSTRN #Fugees #In2 #UK

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