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Playing The Game

Ever since his arrival on the hip hop scene, I can honestly say that I have never been a genuine fan of 'The Game'. For years, I have questioned his need to over excessively name drop on his songs, and publicly diss other rappers (Jay Z, 50 Cent), before retracting, and even in some cases, claim that he never did in the first place. But one thing I will credit 'The Game' for, is his ability to stay relevant and release good music. I reluctantly listened to "Jesus piece" and was so impressed by it, that I didn't hesitate to take Drizzy Freckles advice, to listen to "The Documentary 2", which was released this month.

The album is well produced, with a variety of features, including P Diddy, Drake, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lemar, plus many more, and also features 145 name drops (according to DJ Booth). Which brings me onto my main point...

IS THE GAME BIPOLAR, OR JUST PLAYING A BIZARRE GAME? I fully understand that personalities will clash in the music industry, but when I hear 'The Game' say to Drake on "100" that he heard about the "shit with Diddy" (altercation) so he came through with the bulletproof vest for him, to then have Diddy on "Standing on Ferraris" talking about how 'Game' bought him a Ferrari on a random Tuesday, and said "Happy Tuesday Puff"!?

I'm like WTF is this guy smoking!? Did he buy the vest to keep Drake alive for the feature or...Buy Diddy the Ferrari to say sorry and get that "Kick In The Door" remix (Standing On Ferraris)? Everyday this guy is claiming to be the realist 'blood' gang member, but is forever saluting 'cript' affiliate Snoop Dogg. *yawns*

What also caught my attention was his recent interview on the breakfast club, where 'The Game' suggested that Young Thug apologised to him on Instagram, before he proceeded to do the same, because shit "got real", (insinuating that Young Thug was intimidated by him). Young Thug didn't take to kindly to this facade and posted an Instagram video of 'The Game' apologising to him via 'FaceTime', before calling him a p***y boy, amongst other things. ​

Everytime I see one of these clips, or listen to his tracks, I ask myself how does this guy have any credibility, and is anyone taking him seriously? It seems like the music industry is just one big game, but the question is, is 'The Game' playing it well, or just playing himself...

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