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Jadakiss Ghost Writing For Drake?

Not many authentic hip-hop heads would deny the lyrical talent of Jadakiss. Although having a long and successful career, for some reason or another the D-Block trademark flow rapper never really managed to follow in the infamous steps of DMX and break-though into the mainstream music industry. Now hold up, that remark is not without anticipation; a retorting cacophony from die-hard fans asserting that Jadakiss is too real to sell-out, blah blah blah. Let’s not be too quick to forget his rather blatant attempts to chart with songs like ‘By My Side’ featuring Ne-Yo, and ‘U Make Me Wanna’ featuring Mariah Carey.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am trying to come across derisive, both tunes are fairly decent. In-fact when inebriated you might even catch me slipping with my drink and my two step if these jams happen to come on at my best friends wedding. However it would be dishonest of us all to not accept these tracks for what they are; soft, girls-friendly, pursuits of commercial acknowledgment. Underground hip-hop fans expect this kind of residual by-product from albums released by major record labels, and either learn to live with it, or pejoratively skip these tracks. Fans hungry for the realness relish tracks like ‘We Gone Make It’.

So how does this all tie into Jadakiss ghost writing for Drake? Well, after hearing ‘Thot Line Bling’, (click here to listen) Jadakiss’ very clever remix of ‘Hotline Bling’, it occurred to me; he’s done it for Biggie, he’s one it for P. Diddy, maybe he could ghost write for Drake too?

Let’s get it right, ghost writing a commercial banger isn’t the same as charting yourself. Still, when it is done intelligently it can certainly to add dollar signs to a bank balance without personally having to shoulder the stigma of selling out. It’s a good retirement plan. I love that Jadakiss has that gritty wit about him, why not use it as a commercial condiment? Lyrics like ‘f***ing for some strechies and some converse’ serve well to add an controversial edge to bubblegum rap. Hip-Hop heads get hype when the beat is hard, yet want to vomit when the lyrics are weak. Drake do us all a favour, speak to Kiss and make it happen!

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