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Meek Of The Week

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you may be aware that Meek Mill and Drake have been engaged in a war that has escalated to unprecedented heights. What started off as an ill advised Twitter rant by Meek Mill (claiming that Drake doesn't write his own lyrics), turned into the biggest mockery of a rapper in recent times (on social media). Meek Mill's attempt to ruin Drake's credibility backfired tremendously, after fans and THE MAYOR OF CANADA leaped to the defence of Drake, claiming not to be concerned with the accusations.

During this period, Drake remained silent before releasing 2 unexpected diss tracks ("charged up" and "Back 2 Back") that became the catalyst of hundreds of 'memes' mocking Meek Mill, who took longer than a week to respond, but was still heavily active on social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram).

Meek eventually fired back with "I wanna know", but the diss track was weak. By this time, "Back 2 Back" had become an anthem, with Drake performing this at his 'OVO FEST' with a collage of memes and tweets humiliating his rival. Drake even threatened to drop a '3 Peat' (3 in a row), but even he knew that Meek was beyond dead, and it would just be ruthless bullying. Lyrics such as: "Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers" are just one of many memorable quotes from Drake, that are haunting Meek Mill to this day, and remind us...

Be careful with whom you look for trouble with, or you may become the "Meek of the Week"

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