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A Big Noise From A Little Simz

Never have i heard such unique rawness from a female vocalist, never - that’s not hyperbole. Here is an artist that screams obtrusive attitude, an artist absent of frivolity, an artist who appears to be backhanding mainstream custodians with a rusty knuckleduster while simultaneously bulldozing her way to recognition. To be frank i’m pleasantly surprised that her solemn approach is making waves in this nauseatingly predictable music industry. I mean ‘Dead Body’ demands the attention of any person who genuinely appreciates originality and lyricism.

Before you read on, reload that video! Now let’s nip this in the bud before we go any further. To label this young north Londoner as the U.K’s answer to Nicki Minaj is to do Little Simz a great and naive injustice. Sure, after listening to MNEK’s ‘The Rhythm Remix’ we would be totally justified in concluding that Little Simz is more than capable of making a commercial transition when circumstances require it.

Of course crossing between the underground and mainstream is something Nicki does undeniably well. Yet for me, Simz defecates a verbal discharge all over Nicki’s comparatively shallow style. Maybe it’s her inexorable melancholy mood that renders her verses deeper than most. Impressively she endows her words with cryptic meaning whilst still managing to deliver a sonically unique yet captivating vocal. No offence, but in comparison to Little Simz artist’s like Nicki Minaj are but daffodils up against a terrifying but beautifully attractive thorn filled rose bush. I love it, her thought provoking demeanour obviates a need to remove clothes, she’s interesting without showing off skin and without shaking her ass. Honestly i can’t make a comparison because i can’t think of anyone like her, the closet i could get it is maybe Saul William crossed with a pinch Missy Elliott, which is still someway off.

It’s not just the vocals either, it’s her persona, her eccentricity, her modest confidence. A twenty one year old who appears wise beyond her years with both feet firmly on the ground. As rare as it is she doesn’t strike me as the narcissistic money grabbing Kanye West type. Okay, so that was uncalled for, but you get my point. Anyway, I guess there’s plenty of time for success to sully her humility and focus, whether it will or not only time will tell?

Don't get me start on that freestyle! The seriousness of her New Age production suites her perfectly, her propensity for distorted vocals complements her character, even her choice of features impresses me! It’s about time the music industry got a rude awakening, a heavy-handed slap to drag it back from it’s lethargic slumber of intoxicating bullsh** and numbness. Is Little Simz the catalyst for such revolution, with incredulity i hope so. Even if she doesn’t impact the industry as much as i would like her to at least i’ll still have her mixtapes and brand new album ‘Curious Tales of Trials + Persons’ to fall back on.

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