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D'Angelo Back Once Again

Fourteen years after the release of Voodoo and i can still find myself on the odd occasion enjoying being in imbued in an hour’s set of D’Angelo classics. That kind of easy listening can do wonders for the soul, and relationships too, if you catch my drift? Being a man i’m not entirely sure what it is about his music that makes it’s so timeless. Maybe it’s by virtue of ignoring the trending sound; he’s confident in the sonics he likes and he sticks with it. The vogue lasts for but a moment, originality however, when done correctly can seemingly transcend time itself. On the other hand women worldwide have understood for quite a while exactly what makes his music immortal; ‘How Does It Feel’ and its visual provocation.

Had D’Angelo not released another album i wouldn’t have complained, however now that he has i find myself revelling in gratitude that he did. True to character the album radiates a calm relaxing feeling, it’s the type of album you can put on and leave to run from start to end while you host company - that’s if Neo Soul is your thing of course. Easing the listener in slowly with tracks like ‘Ain’t That Easy’ and ‘The Charade’, D’Angelo and The Vanguard create the illusion of an intimate concert hosted in an small candlelit venue. The first four tracks, although decent, could go relatively unnoticed to an unobservant ear, It’s not until ‘Really Love’ with it’s majestic and mysterious timbres that the album implores your attention. On this track in particular D’Angelo’s unique vocals shine incandescently as smoothly as chocolate melts on tongues.

‘Prayer’, socked in it’s guitars, delays and distortion is another stand out track, one that takes a few listens to fully appreciate. On the other hand there’s ‘Betray Your Heart’ which instantly summons the foot to tap as though possessed in recognition by a metronome’s incessant tick. For sure this album isn’t amazing, but it’s defiantly enjoyable and it’s a welcome addition to my eclectic collection, and when the mood calls for such an occasion i will certainly draw for it. The style is unique, the tracks are cohesive, and unsurprisingly the sound is niche, if the ‘Brown Sugar’ is your thing i’d be bewildered if you were disappointed.

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